We're a team.
In every sense of the word, and work together across disciplines without ego to find the very best solution. With relentless enthusiasm for the work and an excitement about realising a vision.

Hey, this is our life’s work we’re talking about...we figure we should try to enjoy it.


“When I was at college I’d work with a few mates on some design jobs we'd get ourselves outside of our studies. Fuzzy Duck was a drinking game we played when a brainstorm got out of hand. And so when we delivered the work and were asked for the company name, with a smirk we said Fuzzy Duck. Ten years later, when I set up my own business, I used the name Fuzzy least until I found something proper. Clearly, any such title still eludes us, but until that time Fuzzy Duck has served us pretty well, and has now defined itself.

I always felt that a company called Fuzzy Duck should follow a different path with their own ideals...which is how it's transpired. But much more simply than all that, it's fun. Working at a company called Fuzzy Duck, it's going to be a laugh isn't it.”


Managing Director

Whilst we always focus on the brief and the problem as opposed to the tools we use to hit the mark; we have a number of experts that work here practicing these disciplines: