Film Production

Nothing captures a story quite like film. In fact, it’s the reason Hollywood is Hollywood and film has been thriving since the late 1800s. While we’re not in the business of making big-screen blockbusters, we do create cinematic-quality films of all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a short film, video content, or immersive experience, our crew have a knack for making films people want to watch, share and watch again.

The Power of Pictures

If you wanted to find out more about a business, and had a choice of a page of text or a video, which would you prefer?

Well, if you’d rather wade through a tide of text, you’re in a tiny minority of online users. We consume more content than ever before, and the visual stuff is a clear favourite.

Adding video content to a website or social media pages can boost a business like nothing else. A picture paints a thousand words: even more if they’re moving. One of the goals of a website is to tell your story, so why not tell it with visual aids and quality

Film Production for Businesses

If you choose us for your film content, we won’t just send someone who can hold a camera steady. Our film crews are some of the best around, with high-tech equipment and editing tools to make your videos professional-quality.

Some business owners go for the cheap-and-cheerful option when it comes to their films. No matter whether it’s an introduction to the business, educational guide, or annual update, they stand in front of a camera and talk, with a whiteboard or flip chart if they’re feeling bold. Even if they have a good camera presence, this is video content that’s hard not to click away from after a while. It may contain plenty of information, but there’s more to it than that.

The Art of Presentation

A common challenge for videographers is visual storytelling. This is an art form of its own, and one that, if pulled off well, creates a memorable film experience. You of course want it to look great, but keeping the viewer engaged through interesting visuals as well as an insight into you and your business is just as important.

The age-old ‘show don’t tell’ method can help you too. We can create a video with minimal dialogue that still sells you and what you represent. This isn’t ideal for every business but has a powerful impact when it works.

Setting Goals for Films

When planning your film, the most important thing to know is your target audience. Hiring a kid friendly TikTok star to talk about your business won’t help you sell many vacuum cleaners, whereas a man in a suit will struggle to sell board games.

It’s not all about selling either, in these days of rampant AI content, being human is more important than ever. Showing your face adds humanity to your story – and is proven to add trust too.

Our film pros do more than just set up lights and turn on the cameras. They’ll help you establish goals and build the film around you and your business. With their help, you’ll create a fantastic film that will look great for a long time.

A film that’s timeless is naturally better than one that will be dated in a year. If you’re talking about your business, leave out dates and references to recent events to avoid this. This is another reason that films that aren’t set in your place of work, or feature exiting employees, can become dated.

The final goal of any business film is to make it transcend your website and social media. This may sound difficult; rest assured, it’s possible. The best films are worth sharing, meaning they can reach a much wider audience than you have already. Spending on marketing can help with this, but it’s not always necessary.

With the right talent, you can create blockbuster quality film content with a fraction of the budget. Not only do we make masterpieces, we also guide you through the process, giving you the best films possible to tell your story with.

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