I started going to Rockfit soon after the birth of my son. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I was petrified of gyms so this was my only way back into exercise back then. I immediately felt welcome, never judged and I was so grateful that such a thing existed. I spent my classes observing the people around me, and how refreshing it was to have such a variety of people coming together, who would probably never have gotten together if Rockfit didn’t exist. I wanted to showcase the community spirit and the benefits of exercise that is the opposite of performance. After talking about my ideas with Jenny while we were both walking our prams, we both agreed that this community deserved a kudo.

Directed by Lili Blot
Filmed by Nigel Moore and Sam Davies
Edited by Hayley Repton and Lili Blot
Sound Design by Hayley Repton
Grade by Mark Kuzewski

This way up


A mess about with 3D and a delve into the title sequence – a passion several Ducks share.

by Andy

Tommy Knockers demo title sequence


Some title sequence shenanigans from James, looking at the art of the sequence, using the Stephen King novel as inspiration.

By James

What do you want from life?


A random text message from Mum sparks a philosophical moment between Dad and Daughter.

By Nigel

Oliver's Gym


We got to spend some time with this legend and ask him about his youth, his profession and what’s important.

Directed by Lili
Shot by Nigel & Anderson

A place for Angels - trailer


A trailer to a short film

Written by Dave
Shot by Anderson, Nigel & Dom

A place for Angels


Danny returns to the place where he was raised, where they called him ‘The Dorn’ (the fist). He wants to know why his mother killed herself when he was a small boy. Annie, believing Danny has the power of foresight wants to know if she is to die.

A place for Angels is an adapted scene from a feature film script, this scene is between the protagonist Danny and his auntie, Annie (the witch).

Written by Dave
Shot by Anderson, Nigel & Dom
Directed by Dave & Nigel

Saucy Butty trailer


Saucy Butty is a 3 part whodunnit set in a greasy spoon, produced in 2015.
Here’s the trailer, the film will be on here shortly.

Saucy Butty episode 1 - Back in the day


He is King Cobra, without remorse Israel Manu has built up his little empire, but he never will finish his breakfast and whatever our religion, we’re all about to learn a hard lesson in redemption.

1st episode to our mini who-dunnit set in a greasy spoon.

Saucy Butty episode 2 - 2 lads in big coats


Saucy Butty episode 3 - A Devil like me


So who did do it?

Time & Tide


In the immortal words of Ferris Bueller: Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop to look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Written by Dave
Voiced by The Ducks & friends