Digital Development

Let’s face it. Our brains weren’t wired to learn by scrolling through reams of information on a screen. We’re curious by nature. Even as adults, we get more out of playing, watching and doing.

That’s why we get kicks out of elevating dull learning modules into rich training and learning experiences through animation, video and interactive. It’s not just educational tools either, we can help you sell yourself or your product in ways that customers and clients can enjoy.

Experiences that tell a story and take people on a journey. And judging by the reactions of our corporate clients, they get a kick out of it too.

The Importance of Digital Development

Back in school, we all were all taught about the different types of learners:

  • Visual
  • Auditory
  • Reading/Writing
  • Kinaesthetic

No matter your IQ, upbringing, or favourite subject, you were one of the above. This meant that, depending on the class, you could struggle to learn well. The best lessons incorporated all these elements, but this wasn’t always possible.

What does this have to do with improving a business? Well, even long after we finish school, the way we absorb information is the same.

Digital development incorporates all four elements of learning into interactive
experiences. No more walls of text or droning videos, you can tell your story in ways that are enjoyable, engaging, and educational.

The Key Elements of Digital Development

To decide what digital development strategies are right for a business, you first need to establish goals.

Firstly, what are you trying to accomplish? If you’re an educational company, this is simple, you want people to learn, and learn well. If you’re selling a product or service, you want to give visitors a chance to experience it for themselves, making them more likely to invest. Or if you’re a source of history or other information, you want to share knowledge in an interesting way.

Next, you need to figure out your target audience. Most companies target a particular demographic, but that’s often flexible. Digital development tools can be too focused on one, alienating the rest, or too vague – causing all to lose interest.

Finally, you need the tools to be timeless. Especially in the education world, any
information that becomes dated ruins the experience, frustrating both you and your users.

When you work with our digital development team, we help you establish these goals, creating high-quality digital development tools that represent you, and give visitors to your website everything they need.

Hands-On Digital Development

This might sound like an oxymoron, but digital doesn’t mean ‘online’. Sure, most digital development tools are on websites, apps, and social media, but they can, and are, used for so much more.

Museums, galleries, and showrooms are using digital development to create interactive experiences that are impossible to forget. Even something as simple as projected video can transform a dull space, making visitors, especially visual learners, stop and enjoy.

You can go so much further than just projections. Machines that allow visitors to use their other senses to experience something that before could only be looked at. For museums, if you can offer the chance to touch, smell or taste a piece of history, why wouldn’t you?

This works when trying to sell something too, if you’re a car brand, you can give
potential buyers a chance to feel what it’s like to own one of your models without having to unlock the driver’s side door.

If this all sounds a bit too advanced, there are many ways to offer digital development tools without the need for a gallery. Simple quizzes or games can educate in an enjoyable way that your competitors can’t.

The Future is Digital

Digital development has come a long way over the last decade, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Thankfully our digital development pros are riding the wave of progress, meaning you get all the best support, ideas, and final products possible.

It’s time to embrace the information age and use digital development tools that make every visit to your website or place of work unforgettable.

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