A Place for Angels


Dannie the Dorn, a bare-knuckle fighting gypsy is reunited with his Aunt Annie, the Witch.

A place for Angels is a feature film script set upon a canal. We adapted this scene to try and capture the essence and hopefully the magic of the full length film. In this short, Danny is reunited with his aunt Annie, and wants to know why his mother killed herself when he was a small boy.
Annie, believing Danny has the same power of foresight as his mother wants to know her future...and if she has one.

The shot took us 4 days in total, two of them working through the scene with Karen and Nathan on the boat in Warrington and then two on location. One on the magnificent Pontcysllte Aqueduct in North Wales and finally at Uplands Marina in Cheshire. We tell stories in most areas of our work but writing for actors to breathe life into a tale amidst this magnificent, magical landscape was a rare gift