BBC Bitesize

Learning about the Weather & Climate

One thing us Brits know plenty about is the weather! When the BBC commissioned Fuzzy Duck to create a suite of 21 Bitesize animations on the subject, we knew there was plenty to go on!

Teaming up with educational consultants Hi-Impact, as well as Head of Education and all-round weather expert from the Royal Meteorological Society, Dr Sylvia Knight (a previous client of ours), we knew we had the expertise to create something really special.

With Hi-Impact advising us on the relevant curriculum content that needed to be covered, we were able to create a collection of animations that would both inform and appeal to young learners.

Across the animations, we consistently used a bold, highly graphical and stylised approach, influenced by play blocks. By creating contrast, patterns and playing with symmetry and weight, we were able to create playful compositions and inspire exploration into the different subject areas, using 3D rendering to give the impression that the films are all made out of tangible, real materials. Our aim was to keep the look and feel simple, to ensure that the key information is easily digestible and not too complex.



Illustration & Animation
Sound Design
Subject Matter Experts
Education Consultants

Adam Orton & Ellie Durkin
Hayley Repton & Rose Adler
The Royal Meteorological Society