Fords Of Winsford

ITV Sports Ident

TV Idents for Fords of Winsford promoting their long-standing association with sport.

Fords of Winsford wanted to use these Sports Review ITV Idents to promote themselves to families in the North West of Britain through their long association with sport. Encompassing the success of local and national sport and the parents driving the families to games and training...and we need to do it all in 10 seconds.

“We were really excited when Reactive asked us to work with them on this project for Fords of Winsford. We loved that the idea championed the popularity of sports in the North West, with sport being very close to our hearts at Fuzzy Duck. The animation team really enjoyed developing the characters and animating them frame by frame, using scenes that morphed from one to the next.” Nat Wood, amimator.

We used a vibrant palette and an invigorating, hand-drawn style to grab the attention and had fun thinking up ways to transition between the scenes.


Illustration & Animation
Sound Design

Ellie Durkin & Natalie Wood
Hayley Repton