BBC Bitesize

Renewable and non-renewable energy

We all use energy, but where does it come from and how sustainable is it?

BBC Bitesize Scotland were looking to create a suite of films aimed at Level 3 students around the subject matter of Energy. The films needed to cover a broad range of different forms of Energy, showcasing the pros and cons of each, with no bias towards or against any particular form.

We digitally developed a 3D animated style that would appeal to the age range, based on games they would be familiar with, that was able to show in detail how each of these forms of energy worked. Using this style, we were able to model and animate complex processes in a simple and easy to understand way.

We also included snippets of interviews we undertook with a series of experts in each subject matter, which gave students an understanding of potential future careers in the Energy industry.

As the project coincided with the national lockdowns of 2020, we needed to find a way of working around the travel restrictions and so conducted the interviews via video calls.


3D Modelling & Animation

Natalie Wood
Natalie Wood & Matt Geeling