The Real Spirit of Coffee

Having done work for Rijo42 in the past, we were delighted that they commissioned us to produce a new animation to be featured on-screen on their latest coffee machines.

The brief was to create a film which explains the company's ethos and to demonstrate what sets them apart from other coffee brands. We focussed our animation on the care and attention that Rijo42 put in to sourcing the best coffee bean and overseeing it's journey all the way from harvest to cup, giving the consumer some informative take-aways (besides the coffee!).

Having sampled various ideas, our animators opted for a 2D style that we created to tie in with their brand. We illustrated new characters, in-keeping with the style of the graphics, to deliver an eye catching piece with bold colours to entertain and educate you whilst waiting for your brew!



Natalie Wood
Natalie Wood