Eskdale Mill Interactive

Eskdale Mill / Fusion LX

Making a mill accessible

Identified as the last working watermill and drying kiln in the Lake District National Park, this 18th Century site has recently been renovated to make it more accessible to visitors with mobility problems.

We were asked to create a piece of AV that would allow visitors, who couldn’t physically access the lower and upper levels of the Mill, to view the inside of the Mill in the form of a Touchscreen Interactive.

This Interactive features information about each room and we filmed accompanying short videos to show every aspect of the rooms.

Additionally, we created an animation, which is projected onto the surface where oats were shovelled, helping visitors to visualise the activity around the Mill.

Eskdale Mill has since been named the winner of the 2021 Engaging People Awards (Indoors Category) by the Association for Heritage Interpretation (AHI).


Interactive Design
Interactive Build

Katie Hilton
Alistair Monaghan
Ellie Durkin
Anderson West