Jaguar Heritage

Telling the story of pioneering Jaguar engineers

The Jaguar Heritage Museum houses decades of motoring history and we developed a touch-screen interactive telling the story of some of their most important advancements.

The blistering performance of the Jaguar team at the 1953 Le Mans race, with their innovative new disc brakes, put them firmly on the motoring map. And they would go on to become one of the world’s most trusted and pioneering companies.

With so much technical information about, we worked with the Heritage Trust to devise an interactive to give the motoring enthusiasts the layers they craved, whilst still allowing accessibility for families with children to explore and enjoy the top level story.

“There was a real challenge to make the interactive appealing to both new museum visitors and the petrol heads. The discussion we had with our clients was to move the exhibition away from being exclusively accessible to just motoring enthusiasts, but to broaden the target audience and appeal to everyone.”

Seb Chadwick

Head of Design, Fuzzy Duck

The interactive featured explainer animations, showing how various engine parts operated, in simple terms. This included showing the stages of a four stroke cylinder engine, the difference between disc and drum brakes, and types of fuel systems, from turbo-charger to fuel injection. If anyone needs to know how a carburettor works – you know where to ask.


Animation / Illustration
Digital Development
Research & Scripting

Adam Orton / Dave Hartill
Seb Chadwick
Alistair Monaghan
Phil Hewitt