FIDO Tech Ltd


FIDO AI is a groundbreaking technology that is a real game changer for the water industry. As such, they needed an animation that matched their high-tech image. But how do you visualise Artificial Intelligence?

FIDO AI is an innovative technology, that enables water providers to not only detect leaks easily, but also tells them how big the leak is, allowing them to efficiently prioritise workflow and ultimately improve productivity.

The brief was to create a marketing film to be used on the company's new website and also to show at a stakeholder conference. The challenge was that as a startup company, they had almost no media assets and, being AI, no imagery. How do you visualise AI?

“Our CEO is a former concert pianist who majored in music analysis, so the fact that FIDO uses acoustics was a very important part of the FIDO story. She particularly wanted something that expressed the magic of FIDO AI, its unique unrivalled value in leak detection, the imperative for society to save the world’s water and something for a range of marketing uses.”

Polly Blythe
FIDO Tech Ltd.

“Great communication, clear timescales and attention to detail. Fuzzy Duck were a joy to work with, delivering a high-concept video animation to a challenging creative brief and tight timescale which really brings our brilliant AI to life. Matt and the team easily grasped the concept, merging our creative ideas with their own to make something stunning and which sums up FIDO perfectly. We couldn’t be happier.”

Victoria Edwards
CEO and co-founder of FIDO Tech Ltd.



Design & Animation

Matt Geeling & Andy Horan