United Utilities

Training the next generation of engineers

Having worked with the technical training team for a number of years we developed an interactive that is used in classroom sessions and around their headquarters, but also is available to individuals for self-led learning.

The technical training interactives produced for Untied Utilities were part of their £1.5 million apprenticeship programme to source the next generation of engineers at the newly developed Bolton training centre.

The touchscreen interactive contained videos, schematical animations and scenarios that detailed the complexities of the water treatment processes, giving the trainees first hand experience of problem solving situations that would otherwise require them to be on-site, up and down the country. This is an ever evolving project and has been built in a way that means new content can be added when required.

A slimmed down, simplified version of the interactive was also developed for their intranet, mobile and tablet devices. This enables employees to access the interactive material at headquarters or out on site if required.


Digital Development
Animation & CGI

Alistair Monaghan
Matt Geeling
Lili Blot
Seb Chadwick