Hadrian’s Cavalry

Exploring Roman border patrol

We joined forces with the Hadrian’s Cavalry exhibition to turn the spotlight on the elite Roman cavalrymen who patrolled the Roman Wall.

Hadrian’s Wall is a part of Roman and British history that’s intrigued people for thousands of years. Yet very few of us know much about the Roman soldiers stationed up and down its borders. That’s why we were asked to shine a light on these soldiers as part of a national exhibition.

Ten fields, eight swords, and one hell of a wall later, we made a short film and series of promotional trailers about the life of a cavalryman.

It follows his emotional journey to becoming a skilled and seasoned horseman, from his initial quest to be selected for the prestigious unit, to his preparations for the Hyppica Gymnasia – a military showcase for the Caesars.

Our film celebrated this often neglected part of the Wall’s history, putting the importance of cavalry to the Roman army and Empire front and centre of the story.


Exhibition Design

Anderson West
Lili Blot
Nigel Moore / Mark Kuczewski
Matt Geeling
Creative Core