Criccieth Castle

Making history come alive

We imagined a day in the life of the Welsh Prince visiting the medieval castle, and through the magic of film and animation, gave visitors the chance to experience it too.

Commissioned by Cadw and Headland Design, we wanted to help people learn about life in and around the castle during the battle for control between the English and Welsh. But rather than a passive experience, we created a series of interactive films that let visitors step into the shoes of the Welsh Prince.

We set the three films at different parts of a day, each featuring an animated character talking directly to the visitor – the Prince. Showcased inside a reimagined Llys (court), the immersive experience took people on a fun and atmospheric journey back in time.

Alongside this interactive experience, we created an aerial film, including CGI of how the castle would have looked in its heyday. Something people could keep in mind as they walked through the ruins overlooking Tremadog Bay and the North Welsh sea.


Animation & CGI
Digital Development

Adam Orton
Alistair Monaghan
Nigel Moore
Lili Blot
Adam Orton