Holts Auto | Prestone

Wigan Warriors

Body Maintenance ads for HoltsAuto and Prestone through their sponsorship of Wigan Warriors RLFC

Using the elite athletes at Wigan Warriors to promote their sponsors Prestone & Holts Auto and drive their brand awareness. Speaking with England captain, Sean O'Loughlin and World Cup winning kiwi, Thomas Leuluai about their careers and how they maintain and repair their bodies in one of the toughest, physically demanding sports on the planet.

“The quality of the work was superb, yet, their understanding of a high-pressured and fast-moving sporting environment was the real takeaway for us at the Club. They empathised with the individuals, made our players’ and staff feel at ease with quality communication and briefs, and their manner and approach were commendable throughout. The final product Fuzzy Duck created fitted the joint-brief that the Warriors and Prestone presented them with and I would highly recommend working with Fuzzy Duck.”

Matthew Hennessey
Media and Communications Manager – Wigan Warriors

The level of commitment from these guys is immense, but it was also great to see that they really enjoy what they do and that playing professional sport is a pretty cool way to earn a living. We really got a sense of the team, the fun and the friendship within the group that relayed through the fantastic way the ads were received with fans. With full interviews available on the Holts & Prestone website, driving traffic and introducing thousands of new followers.



Anderson West
Lili Blot / Mark Kuczewski
Dom Mathewson / Mark Kuczewski
Dave Hartill