Manchester United

Remembering the Munich Air Disaster

To mark the 60th anniversary of the tragic Munich Air Disaster, we worked with the Manchester United Museum to retell a story that will be forever remembered with great sadness.

The Museum had created a powerful exhibition paying homage to the stories of the people who were onboard that fateful flight on 6 February 1958. But to give visitors a deeper understanding of what happened, we added an interactive element to the displays.

Rather than replicating the stories already depicted, we designed a touchscreen interface containing realistic-looking documents, photos and videos relating to the investigation – allowing users to piece together the story for themselves. We combined this with a series of automated animations to draw people in, as well as a timeline using the aircraft radio transcript to help tell one of the most powerful stories in sporting history.


Digital Development
Research & Scripting

Natalie Wood
Seb Chadwick
Alistair Monaghan
Phil Hewitt