imposter syndrome exhibition


Imposter syndrome

Lifting the lid on: Imposter Syndrome and how to put it back in the box.

Do you ever feel like a phony? Do thoughts of imposter syndrome creep in at that crucial moment? Imposter Syndrome affects the lives of women (and men) at some point in time.
Arrive, MediaCity hosted an event to celebrate International Women’s Day. A powerhouse of women from the world of sport, business, academia and media took part in a discussion about Imposter Syndrome and how we as individuals can be our own worst enemy.

International Women's Day
International Women's Day

Imposter syndrome can strike at any point in your career. Whether it’s in the early days, returning to work after a break or triggered by new-found success. The panel discussion touched upon the things that influence a lack of confidence. The discussion was also opened up to the audience for their thoughts of the topics that were discussed.

International Women's Day
imposter syndrome exhibition
imposter syndrome exhibition



Matt Geeling
Hayley Repton
Ellie Durkin