SMEI Insurance


Social media Ad campaign to raise brand awareness and ask what business insurance means to small-to-medium business owners.

Working with our friends at Forest to bring their 'For Me' campaign to life. After all the long-winded spiel about various competing business insurances - that's great, but as a small business owner, what does it actually mean to me? To level with the target audience, we spoke with several small-to-medium sized business owners on a bustling high-street in Barrowford and Fence village in Lancashire to find out.

When the police interrupted the shoot to enquire why we were filming an ATM at 5am (a fair question), we weren’t hoping for much from the day; but with a fantastic, bustling location and really accommodating business’ allowing us to invade and briefly glimpse into their world, we were able to produce a really effective ad campaign running successfully across multiple channels. For the older generation, we’ve gone full ‘Are you being served?’  on the track, using audio captured on the day for the sound design…”going up”


Sound design

Anderson West
Lili Blot
Dom Mathewson / Mark Kuczewski
Dave Hartill
Kyle Martyn-Clark