Paris Saint-Germain

Mather & Co.

Many of us grow up cheering, watching and playing football. Some of us dream to become football players when kids. When Mather & Co. contacted us about working on the PSG project, some of us could somehow get closer to those dreams.

Lili, our Parisian Senior Editor, was the perfect tour guide on her return to her home turf in a new exhibition in Paris Saint-Germain's iconic stadium. Working with design consultancy Mather & Co, we created touchscreen interactives, animated timelines and a seven screen video projection film that captured the flair and passion of the club throughout the decades. We used a visual carousel to cut together footage of PSG's greatest ever players, giving the illusion of them playing together in the ultimate attacking game.

It’s the shouting, the singing, the pride, the chaos, the love, the hate combining to create the symphony of a football game. But how to capture that in a media format?

This project was mainly a post production job, where our editors and animators collaborated into the making of something that combined editing, CGI, animation and design on a great scale.


Director & Editor
Producer & Project Manager
Art Director & Animation
Digital Interactives
Exhibition Design

Lili Blot
Nigel Moore
Adam Orton
Katie Hilton
Alistair Monaghan
Mather & Co