Brand launch

We created a brand launch video to introduce Seventy7 as the vibrant, fast-paced multichannel agency that they are.

Photolink are a creative content agency based in Manchester, which is one fifth of a group of companies, spread across three countries. The company was being rebranded as ‘Seventy7’ in 2017, and so wanted an animation to use at their launch event to introduce the new brand.

We designed an animation which tied into the new branding, creating icons that reflected the fun but professional attitude that they wanted to portray. Using a fast-paced, fluid style of motion graphics, the frames flow from one to another, using lines to take the viewer on a journey. This was also an opportunity to tell the story of the company and their ethos, to showcase their work and eventually to reveal the brand new logo and name.

The animation was created with Seventy7’s new website in mind, including elements that could be pulled out and integrated full screen as part of an introduction to the site. Using the brand’s ethos of “we plan, create, deliver and optimise content”; a standalone section was created that flowed from one word to the next, simulating the smooth process that Seventy7 use.


Design & Animation
Sound Design

Nigel Moore
Nat Wood
Lili Blot