Science Museum

How would you change the world through science?

The Ducks took a brilliant brief from the Science Museum London to tell the stories of ten engineering & technology pioneers and incredible British inventors.

Our mission, to create ten new films to run at the Engineers Gallery Exhibit and demonstrate the diverse achievements of brilliant men and women. Brainiacs from across the science disciplines that helped move the world forward with their ideas, creativity and their drive to make them reality.

The Engineers Gallery opened in the summer, to help mark the 10th anniversary of the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering (QEPrize), and showcases world changing science-thinkers and their work: the portrait gallery shines a light on outstanding feats of Engineering.

The engineers we spoke to, went big! From satellites & robots to essential farming & medical devices… we helped show how innovations became reality as well as the mega-brains behind them. We were also keen to portray the fascinating variety of backgrounds, personalities and stories of the people who’ve helped change the world for better.

‘We loved getting to know each of the engineers, there was such an interesting set of personalities and diverse skills. We talked to them about the importance of STEM subjects in school and how they’ve applied this passion as a force for change to solve problems and address complex challenges that were important to them.  Some had different barriers to break through and all had a real pride that they bring to engineering problems every single day. It really was inspirational science to share!’

Matt Geeling
Head of Media, Fuzzy Duck


Camera Operator

Nigel Moore
Lili Blot
Mark Kuczewski