Rockfit community film

I started going to Rockfit soon after the birth of my son. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I was petrified of gyms so this was my only way back into exercise back then. I immediately felt welcome, never judged and I was so grateful that such a thing existed. I spent my classes observing the people around me, and how refreshing it was to have such a variety of people coming together, who would probably never have gotten together if Rockfit didn’t exist. I wanted to showcase the community spirit and the benefits of exercise that is the opposite of performance. After talking about my ideas with Jenny while we were both walking our prams, we both agreed that this community deserved a kudo.

Directed by Lili Blot
Filmed by Nigel Moore and Sam Davies
Edited by Hayley Repton and Lili Blot
Sound Design by Hayley Repton
Grade by Mark Kuzewski

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