We’ve been wanting to do this for a while, to have a workshop/lab type of space to show our creative flow to anyone that’s passing. Sometimes these are fully formed stories, sometimes just snippets of dreams.

Storm56 is a space where Fuzzy Duck’s wonderful creatives are free to explore their talents. So clients can see what else we can do, but it’s more than that. Fuzzy Duck was built on my desire (with absolutely no training) to write and direct a film. I persuaded a few mates to be in it and one of them had a friend called Nigel who was a camera operator. These films evolved to include corporate and commercial productions as well as dramas; I launched the company and several years later Nigel became a director at Fuzzy Duck’s film studio.

Some of the great leaps this company has taken have been from sparks of ideas that we were able to produce that lead to wonderful pieces of work for our clients. So, whilst it’s cool to just have the freedom to try new things, it does make practical, business sense too. If you love what you do, you work hard at it, if you work hard enough you become an expert and people pay experts well.

A few years back, Hayley turned her coeliac diagnosis experience into a positive one by making a film to spread awareness. We were able to help her to produce the award winning and massively popular Glutened! Fast forward a few years and Hayley’s been able to work with the Celiac Disease Foundation in the US and more recently We Love Cake on their gorgeous range of gluten free cakes for our sister company, The Pond..so you really can trace the steps back.

We’ll populate the page as we go and hopefully find a few older projects to show you where we’ve come from.

Please check out the work on the storm56 page and leave us a message to let the Ducks know what you think.

Dave Hartill