Elan Valley’s beauty is made even more compelling by its dams and reservoirs,  Seb Chadwick, Fuzzy Duck’s Head of Design describes what people can expect when they download the App:

“If we had one single objective in the design of the new app, it was to enable discovery. Remaining true to our digital values; ease of use and a fun user experience, we developed an app that’s jam packed with ways to explore Elan Valley. We begin with an animated introduction that’s almost like a reward for the user for downloading the app, and a scene-setter to excite about the journey to follow.”

Produced in Welsh and English, the App is full of interpretation around discovery with walking and driving trails where you can tick off the places you visit and enjoy the majestic views, whilst also having access to history and details about the site. Ensuring that kids of all ages can enjoy the day, there is also a treasure hunt to collect and tick-off the various spectacles or wildlife. Using your location to trigger the audio tour telling legends and details of the view whilst you drive or walk through.