Fuelling our desire to stretch the creative muscles further, many of us pursue what could be classed as extra-curricular activities!


One Duck who has well and truly done just that, is Anderson, who has been particularly busy over the past 18-months. His short film ‘Diembe’ has just had its premiere with a great turnout and the Ducks were there in force to support him. The film is about a young Kenyan boy who moves to the North of England in the early 2000s dealing with racism and acceptance. Anderson raised £7,000 by crowd-funding with Kickstarter in order to make the film.

Several Ducks were involved in the production, Dom was in the film crew, Lili worked as editor, Seb and Becky designed the artwork and promotional material and Dave played the role of a grumpy school teacher…naturally.

View the trailer here.

Nat Wood Draws

After being asked to pen numerous addresses and other bits around the office, Nat spotted a demand for her handwriting and so spent many an evening working away on creating her own script typeface titled ‘Natwooddraws’.

Expecting only a handful of downloads, Nat got a shock when she checked just a few days later to discover it had been downloaded several thousand times. Having since been contacted by people and businesses wanting to use it in their commercial projects, Nat’s handwriting has now been used around the world. From a children’s book in Australia, to a Dim Sum Restaurant in Amsterdam, Natwooddraws is now up to 25,000 downloads.

Download the font from www.dafont.com/natwooddraws.font

Elizabeth & Kate

Our Emma has recently set up a small business with her friend called ‘Elizabeth and Kate Designs’. The wild duo spend their spare time designing and making personalised frames, crafting papercut gifts and keepsakes. Several Ducks have since commissioned their skill in creating beautifully detailed, framed papercuts and cards for new arrivals and birthdays. They are now creating festive gifts and decorations in the lead up to Christmas, before expanding the range of designs and products in the New Year.

Check out their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/elizabethandkatedesigns

Saucy Butty

Not wanting to be left out, Dave & Nigel would like to let you know that their short film: Saucy Butty (a who-dunnit set in a greasy spoon cafe) will be released this year.

Check out the website: www.saucybutty.co.uk