A place for Angels
is a short film based on an adapted scene from a feature script we’ve written about a bare-knuckle boxing gypsy and a witch…obvs.

We adapted this scene to try and capture the essence and hopefully the magic of the full length film script. In this short, Danny the Dorn is reunited with his aunt Annie.

He wants to know why his mother killed herself when he was a small boy.
Annie, believing Danny has the power of foresight wants to know if she is to die.

We were able to find the ridiculously talented Karen Henthorn and Nathan Wright to play our leads and marvelled at how they brought these characters to life.

In addition to story telling, set design and production, working with and directing actors to blend a performance all adds to the experience of the team to develop their creative and technical progress….besides, playing make-believe is bloody good fun too – enjoy: