Biker SOS

Fletchers Solicitors


Boots, Helmets, Camera, Action!

We partnered with Fletchers Solicitors to help position and showcase their new Biker-SOS brand and we relished the opportunity to take their brief and produce 4 dynamic films.
Biker SOS is a legal proposition designed specifically for Bikers, the go-to specialist in advice & legal claims related to motor-cycle accidents.

Our films deliver key support messages in a relaxed, yet highly informative style. The films are aimed at cyclists who are keen to learn more about the services the brand can offer them and build trust that Biker SOS is the business to help them.

Biker SOS

To ensure both a professional and engaging delivery, we worked with journalist and Motorsport TV presenter Grace Web. Grace is a bike lover
and a calm, authentic communicator.

Our informative scripts and advice-led films were designed to help those who have been involved in a motorbike accident to follow the right steps in the aftermath. Messages to help cyclists organize their thoughts, prepare to recover well, then quickly access the very best legal support from Fletchers.

Biker SOS

The Ducks had real fun creating these dynamic, important films, on an accelerated timeline. We captured everything over two days, across three locations. Using chrome, headlights and leather shots to draw our audience in, we edited the films with calm close-ups of Grace, delivering key advice points for cyclists.

We unleashed all of our expertise with aerial film too, incorporating dynamic movement with smooth dolly shots and brilliant biking footage as Grace took to the roads. This resulted in 4 engaging, fluid and highly informative films.


Director of Photography
Sound Recordist

Tanisha Hanna-Beeards
Sam Davies
Kyle Martyn-Clark
Millie Thomas
Grace Webb