History of vaccination

Using animation to explain about vaccines to children. Smallpox, a deadly disease that killed a third of the people that caught it! But how to explain this to kids?

The BBC Children's institution that is Blue Peter asked us to help explain the history of vaccination. In this presenter driven animation, we see how one smart cookie, Edward Jenner discovered a vaccine for smallpox. Our short animation explains the history of vaccination, working alongside a pre-recorded voiceover.

One of the challenges was to make sure that the visuals didn’t seem too frightening for primary school children – as it’s a pretty nasty business. By using a friendly, simple style, we were able to explain complex information about how the immune system works without freaking anyone out.

The bright colours and comedic nature of the animation helped to lighten the subject matter when it could easily have been quite dark.


Illustration & Animation

Natalie Wood & Ellie Durkin