Bolton Museum

A story from the afterlife

Projected onto the walls of a recreation of the Egyptian tomb of Thutmose III, is an animation we created to bring to life the surrounding heiroglyphics, which tell the story of the journey to the afterlife.

Working alongside our friends at Creative Core we created an animation which was projected within a tomb reconstruction.

The animation shows why the Egyptians did so much in preparation for death and shows what their beliefs tell us about the way they lived. We used silhouetted figures and shapes, to work alongside hieroglyphics, and then illustrated the meanings behind them.

To fill the Egyptological hole, a superb short animated film is on show in Thutmose III’s recreated tomb. Encapsulating the fundamental purpose of the decoration of the chamber, the film significantly supplements the other interpretation, which seems deliberately unobtrusive. The device of an animation enthrals children and adults, and is a powerful explanatory tool.

Campbell Price

Curator of Egypt & Sudan, Manchester Museum


Sound Design

Nat Wood
Nat Wood
Phil Hewitt