United Utilities

Saving water during the sunshine, one drop at a time.

Some filming days are cold, some are rainy, but when it’s a sunny day in July nothing comes close.

Over the past several years we have produced the ITV Granada Weather Sponsorship idents for United Utilities. We’ve followed real-life United Utilities’ team around reservoirs, beaches, down man-holes and to beautiful countryside landscapes, to name a few.

For this set, we found ourselves in a back garden on a lovely sunny day, doing a bit of gardening.

These idents were focused around water efficiency and what we can all do to conserve water during the sunny season in our homes. Filming with scientist Charlene and Cleo, a young actress, served up some fun and heartwarming moments. The inclusion of the duck was completely unintentional brand placement and we refute any claims to suggest otherwise.



Anderson West
Rose Alder
Mark Kuczewski
Marina Oftedal