This month in the pond we got a bit hands on. We rolled up our sleeves, got out the scapels, string and nails and ensured our sketchbooks were to hand.

We’re also really excited about getting involved in a 3D print competition and are putting the finishing touches to it as we speak.

A few new threads


We’ve been looking at new ways to incorporate diffferent materials into our work. It was great to see how something so tactile could then be translated into a piece of motion graphics to give a unique look and feel.

Projection mapping

Whilst developing ideas for a brief, we explored how we could integrate real objects together with film and motion graphics. It was very exciting to see how we could not only incorporate vision but also to explore how we could sync it to sound.

3D Printing – Major Lee Hungry

At the end of April we went along to the launch of Cartridgesave’s 3D Printcup. Last year we enjoyed the buzz of meeting new people, discovering new ways to incorporate technology into our own projects and ending up with a 3D print of one of our own characters!

Check out the competition at

We’re hard at work to get him ready for the wrap party in a couple of weeks time, but if you’d like to see his progress follow him on Twitter.

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