Good day! My name is Major Lee Hungry, and I’ve been asked by some rather spiffing chaps in Stockport to tell you all about whom I am! I was born in Cheadle in 1889, christened as Leroy Matthew Hungry. After finishing school I found a job at the local bakery sweeping the floors and cleaning the surfaces. The cakes there were simply divine. Every time I thought I did a good days work, I treated myself to a cake. However, I hadn’t worked 3 days before they replaced me.

On 28th July, World War One started. I was called up to the war! What an exciting time. It didn’t take long before I was in battle. It was particularly scary, but I knew what an honour it was to fight for my country. I got the idea that my company didn’t have a plan, so I started coming up with my own ideas to win the war!

Major Lee Hungry was our second entry into the 3D Print Cup. The requirements of the competition were that it needed to have a moving part. We started by sketching a couple of designs and refining them, before building the model in Cinema 4D. After having the character 3D printed, we then sanded the plastic to give a smooth finish, before prepping and painting the figure. Some of the detail was so small that it had to be painted with a sewing needle! The propeller on the top of the helmet spins, but judging by the size of his belly… we doubt he would get very far!

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