Dundee Heritage Trust

A voyage to the south

We travel not to escape life, but to discover the unknown.

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a project which we’ve put our heart and souls into, reaching completion and being enjoyed by the public. When Dundee Heritage Trust asked us to bring to life the fascinating story of Captain Scott and his voyage to the Antarctic in RRS Discovery, we knew this would be an exciting project to work on.

Using film, animation and interactive media, we were able to transport the visitor back in time, to discover for themselves the perilous expedition undertaken by Captain Scott and his crew.

One of the interactives that we created for the Discovery Point Museum gave visitors the chance to create their own expedition flag, using a drag and drop feature, and choosing from multiple flag designs, colours, and motifs.


Production Co-ordinator
Digital interactive

Anderson West
Nigel Moore
Lili Blot
Marina Oftedal
Adam Orton/Matt Geeling
Katie Hilton
Alistair Monaghan