National Trust: Oxburgh Hall

Endurance Project

Home to the Bedingfeld family for 500 years, Oxburgh Hall in Norfolk is a striking moated manor house with a surprisingly turbulent history.

Like any old property, the 15th Century manor eventually succumbed to the elements so when in 2016 when a dormer window collapsed revealing significant damage - a 2 year conservation project was launched to replace the entire roof! During this time the whole property will be covered in scaffolding, but inside, we worked with the National Trust team to reveal one family’s unshakable Catholic faith and story of endurance.

The house and collection has been reinterpreted to tell this story of Endurance in a new exhibition. We created a new graphic identity for the exhibition, referencing key colours shapes and patterns from the houses’ history. We then developed this across a range of media.

In four key rooms we created wooden stands to hang double-sided interpretation panels to represent the Bedingfeld families’ conflicted loyalties. These panels contained other hidden messages – including some in UV ink!

Outside, to add context to the imposing scaffolding we designed a new set of hoardings to offer information about the restoration and a timeline of the family history.




Creative Development
Sound Design

Katie Hilton
Nigel Moore, Katie Hilton
Catherine Noone
Phil Hewitt, Seb Chadwick, Emma Barnes
Hayley Repton, Nigel Moore