Medicine: The Welcome Galleries Science Museum London

We were massively proud to be involved in this new £24m exhibition, which opened to some fantastic reviews at the end of 2019. With over 3,000 medical artefacts, these are now the world’s largest medical galleries.

Our role was to tell an artefact’s story and take the visitor on a journey. We don’t like to blow our own trumpet, so we’ll let the client do it for us:

“Fuzzy Duck helped us craft beautiful, innovative and amusing graphics that brought the stories we wanted to tell to life, and also compellingly and simply communicated key principles we wanted to get across, such as how an MRI machine works, that could have come across as quite dense and complex.

The team were a pleasure to work with – alongside their creativity, it was impressive how they really immersed themselves in the content we provided. It would be a pleasure to work with them again.”

– Katie Dabin, Curator – Medicine