Whilst this is far from business as normal, we’re beginning to figure out what normal might look like in the future. Having a broad skillset with teams in Animation, Design, Digital and Film has enabled us to hunker down and continue to help clients whilst working from home.

And with this war-time behaviour comes firm decisiveness and an element of risk; something that I love and have always found we’re able to help clients perform better when they’re willing to take a chance. We put this Lockdown Ad together for the Warrington Wolves Foundation, to see what’s possible when all you’re armed with is a load of phone footage and good intentions.

We are finding out plenty of things about ourselves too, and the way we work that will help to shape the way the future looks. The two hour journey every day isn’t always necessary and it is possible have meetings and get creative collaborations going remotely.

I also find we’re being more sensitive to one another which I wouldn’t have predicted. If we’ve not spoken to a colleague for a while, we’ve found we’re more inclined to arrange a facetime chat than to pull up a chair…this is something I need to personally rectify once this is over. Likewise with our clients, we’ve been checking in on each other just for a chat. Better friendships make better partnerships so if you’ve not heard from us yet, feel free to give us a bell, just to say hello. And if you’re struggling to keep in touch with your clients or customers please give us a shout and we’ll do what we can to help.

Take care and stay safe





A little help from the Ducks

To help beat the lockdown boredom, we took some of the illustrations created for our clients: Bawdsey Radar Trust, Chester Zoo, Hadrian’s Wall, Jaguar and Manchester United, and turned them into colouring sheets for your kids (or you!) to get creative. The winning entry came from 5 year-old George, who created this masterpiece.